Q: What does YBP Escape handle? What am I responsible for?
A: YBP Escape handles all of your logistics once you land in our Escape destination. That includes everything from ground transportation, accommodations, any mid-trip flights and advertised tours. We also have an on-location concierge at your disposal.

You're responsible for booking your flights to and from the destination, securing travel insurance (which we recommend to all travelers), and contributing to tips and gratuities as you see fit.  

Q: How big are YBP Escapes?
A: Escapes have ranged from intimate groups as small as 23 YBPers to full-blown takeovers at 115 YBPers. The size of the group can vary based on the destination or nature of the Escape.

Regardless of the size, YBPers always have the opportunity to network and form strong friendships with one another - so don’t let the size of the group deter you. As YBPers mature, so do our Escapes - and we keep this in mind when tailoring our offerings.

Q: I’m very interested! Can I tell my friends/family/co-workers?
A: Sure! As long as the Escape is not members-only. Anyone with a positive attitude who knows how to have a good time is invited. YBP Escapes are known for camaraderie and friendships that last beyond our vacation and we’d like to keep it this way!

Escapes that are members-only will be opened to past YBPers first, before being open to referrals.

Q: What is the age group?
A: Today, many YBPers are in their 30’s but group members range from 20’s to 40’s.

Q: Can couples go? Families?
A: The first YBP took place in 2007 when many of us were single, but let’s face it – we’re getting older, and more and more of us are starting families. With that in mind, feel free to bring your significant other, but please leave your kids at home. Perhaps one day we’ll have YBP Family reunions, but until then, we’re adult-only.

Q: How many Escapes are there per year?
A: In the past, YBP Escapes have been an annual experience. However, there are years where we’ve hosted multiple escapes and others where we’ve hosted none (sadness.) The best way to stay in the know about when and where the next YBP Escapes will be is to join our mailing list.

For 2018, we’re hoping to plan 2-3 Escapes, giving our YBPers more opportunities to explore the world.


Q: I see the prices are based on double occupancy. What if I don’t have a roommate?
A: We strongly suggest that you commit to a YBP Escape with a friend, to take advantage of the double occupancy rates. In the case that you don’t have a roommate at the time of commitment, and you can’t find one before the published roommate deadline, we will try our best to match you with another solo YBPer. However, if we are unable to match you with a roommate, you will be required for pay the additional single supplement.

Q: What is the maximum number of people to a room?
A: Unfortunately, no. To ensure the comfort of our YBPers, we have a maximum of 2 people per standard hotel room.

Q: What hotels are we staying in?
A: In the past, we have always publicized the hotels our group would be staying in. However, that’s led to non-YBPers planning their own parallel trips to ours.   In an effort to maintain the exclusivity of YBP Escapes (and all of our hard work), we will now provide our detailed itinerary to YBPers after the initial deposit is made.

Q: What if I don’t have the total trip fee upfront? Is there a payment plan?
A: We always offer a payment plan! In fact, we actually encourage it. While the payment amounts and frequencies will vary from Escape to Escape, the payment schedule will always be clearly stated on our website. In the case you’d like to pay for your trip all at once, please email us.

Q: Why is the deposit due so soon?
A: It's not unusual to have a short time to leave a deposit - especially when the group is our size and the price is good! Keep in mind, if you were to book on your own you would likely be required to make a payment equal to 100% of the cost at the time of booking. While there is a chance that rooms may be available after the initial deposit date, the only way to guarantee a room at the current rates is to make your deposit as soon as possible.

Q: What if I sign up for a trip after the initial deposit deadline?
A: If you join a trip after the initial deposit has been collected, you will be sent an additional invoice in order to catch up to the payment plan.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: All payments are non-refundable. We encourage you to make sure you can take the trip prior to committing. But don’t take too long to decide, you don’t want to lose your spot.

In the case you must cancel, but have another YBPer who will take your place, please email us to see if an arrangement can be made.

Check out our Booking Terms & Conditions before making your deposit!