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Oh my God Becky, look at her butt! Putting text here so I can really see if the page margins widen with the addition of the new CSS code (AFTER I created a new page template called page.test.

I really wish I had some $ to pay a developer, because this is not easy for a novice like myself. However, it's kind of fun -  a little. ha ha.

Gonna add a photo here:


Some more test stuff here:


What happens if I don’t have a roommate? other stuff here What happens if I don’t have a roommate?

All prices are based upon double occupancy.  If you don’t have a roommate when you sign up, and can’t find one before the roommate deadline, then we will try our best to assign you to someone.  However, in the case there are no other single YBPers and we cannot find you a roommate, you will have to pay the single supplement.